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Library to house video-production suite

The J.D. Williams Library’s crowdfunding campaign has surpassed its $20,000 goal to create a video-production suite dubbed Studio One.

Studio One will make it possible for students and others to easily create and edit videos. The creative suite will include a one-button video production studio with lights, camera and microphone. The suite will also offer an editing room with both Mac and PC editing software. Studio One will be located on the main floor of the J.D. Williams Library and will be a free service. It will be available fall 2015.

Faculty and community users will have access to the studio as well, and can use it to create online course video content and record lectures and webinar content.

“Our students and others are in much need of this technology and service,” said Angela Barlow Brown, director of development for special projects. “The library is dedicated to serving all students of our university while providing the best environment for study, research and education. With the help of students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and many gracious others, we were able to reach our goal to make this resource a reality in the J.D. Williams Library.”

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