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‘Quarantine Dog’

Chris Offutt hails from the mountains of eastern Kentucky, which he describes as a pragmatic world where all animals have a purpose and the motto there is “humans in the house, animals out.” But many deeply held customs and ways of living have been set aside during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Offutt, an associate professor of English at the University of Mississippi, has shed his belief that dogs are meant to live outside and for the first time in his adult life, he has a little lapdog, Zimmy, a half-Australian cattle dog and half-Chihuahua.

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Food-Delivery Robots

As University of Mississippi students resumed classes for the spring semester, they shared the campus’s sidewalks with a fleet of robots that can deliver meals at the push of a button. Ole Miss is the first in the Southeastern Conference to have autonomous delivery robots.

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Pandemic Positivity

With alarming statistics and bad news about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic dominating network news, social media and even advertising, many people might struggle to maintain a positive outlook. But it is possible to cope and maintain a sense of hope, a University of Mississippi psychologist advises.

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While most Americans are seeking shelter in their homes, one University of Mississippi professor is working to bring everyone together – online. Graham Bodie, professor of integrated marketing communications in the School of Journalism and New Media, also serves as the chief listening officer for the Listen First Project, a nonprofit started to depolarize Americans through shared dialogue across socio-political divides.

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Computer Security Emphasis

As hackers continue infiltrating global databases, stealing personal identities and illegally accessing financial assets, computer security professionals are in high demand in both industry and academia. In response, the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Mississippi is offering a new security emphasis.

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Acoustic Tweezers

It’s a sonic marvel seemingly ripped from the fictional scenes of “Doctor Who” or “Star Wars,” what researchers are accomplishing at the University of Mississippi‘s National Center for Physical Acoustics, but in reality, it’s revolutionary research. In a Physical Review Applied paper, scientists at the center announced they were able to sonically capture a droplet of liquid and move it without any direct or mechanical contact, using only acoustic waves.

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‘Come Roll with Me’

Reid Fracchia, a senior biochemistry major from Jackson, brought the Come Roll With Me program to Oxford in hopes of bringing more awareness to the handicapped community. “My mom is a physical therapist, and I would always have so many questions to ask her when she came home from work,” Fracchia said. “Then, once I had an interest in going to medical school, I started to think about how I could make a difference in the community as well.”

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Student Veteran Advocates

Three University of Mississippi student veterans recently joined Andrew Newby, assistant director for veterans and military services, in Washington, D.C., to meet with the nation’s leaders and participate in a joint hearing before the House of Representatives’ and Senate’s Veterans Affairs committees.

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