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Captivating Classes

Somewhat hidden in the vast University of Mississippi undergraduate catalog is Liberal Arts 102, a course offering stylized freshman composition courses with off-the-beaten-path topics. From graphic novels and horror films to political history and the fundamentals of rhetoric, the classes fulfill the second half of the university’s general education composition requirement. Instructors bring their unique passions to first-year students – and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Counseling Canine

Rowan’s tiny feet, luxurious brown-and-white coat and wagging tail bring big smiles to those who encounter him on the University of Mississippi campus, and strangers just can’t help but to stop and ask if they can pet him. The springer spaniel-standard poodle hybrid, known as a “sproodle,” is named for Rowan Oak, home of Nobel prize-winning author William Faulkner. But Rowan isn’t just another cute canine on campus. He will be certified to work with clients at the University Counseling Center, on the third floor of Lester Hall, as the university’s first-ever therapy dog. 

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Student Success Coaching

Like many entering freshmen and first-time students, Jazmine Herbert experienced a few challenges adjusting to campus life at the University of Mississippi. “I was having a difficult time with time management and putting aside time to review my class materials,” said Herbert, a junior psychology major with a minor in education. “My class notes were not organized in the slightest, and I didn’t make sufficient study notes. On top of all that, I was lacking the ‘push’ to encourage me to do better than I was in my classes.” Seeking help, the Washington, D.C., native learned about the university’s Student Success Coaching program.

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The Longest Table

Food and fellowship in the Grove is one of the University of Mississippi’s most beloved traditions, but those who gathered there for those purposes Oct. 27 hope to begin a new tradition called “The Longest Table.” The free university event stretched across the Grove, where hundreds gathered to eat hamburgers and hot dogs and get to know one other better. Organizers said the continuous table – really, 50 tables placed end-to-end – is a powerful visual, where everyone has a place, and participants are arranged as part of one community along the Walk of Champions.

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More than a Dance-off

The annual Theta Encore dance competition at the University of Mississippi became CASA Encore this year, and with its new name, the event raised more than $119,000 for abused and neglected children – a significant increase in funds from last year. 

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Velvet Magazine

Many students need all four years of their college experience to find their true passion. But University of Mississippi senior Alexi Alonso has already found her calling and is knee-deep in turning her dreams into reality. The integrated marketing communications major from West Palm Beach, Florida, has started the university’s first-ever fashion magazine, called Velvet.

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Nano in Space

New nano-reinforced materials created at the University of Mississippi left the Earth Nov. 2 on a journey to the International Space Station. The innovative research materials were part of a payload that blasted off from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The materials will spend a year orbiting the globe attached to the outside of the International Space Station, where they will be tested for their effectiveness to improve future spaceflight.

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