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Ole Miss Baseball Belongs on Bucket List

By Caroline LeGates


The University of Mississippi is full of rich history and traditions, one of them being the atmosphere and bucket-list experience that can be found at Oxford-University Stadium and Swayze Field. Swayze Field has been home to the Ole Miss Rebels baseball team since 1989 and has been a fan favorite ever since.

Baseball is referred to as America’s favorite pastime, and here at Ole Miss, baseball season is taken very seriously. Oxford may be known as a football town due to the famous tailgating experience in the Grove, but the roots run deeper with the timeless game of baseball. Come February, Ole Miss baseball fans are loyal, passionate and dedicated to rooting for the Rebels.

The Rebels (ranked No. 5 in the nation with a 20-2 record as of the first day of spring, March 20, this year), are ranked No. 2 nationally in attendance with an average of 8,545 fans packing the stands per game, proving Swayze Field to be one of the best destinations in all of college baseball.

It has been said that Swayze’s right field, which is the student section, is the best place in America to watch a college baseball game. Eager attendees show up at the beginning of each season and race to set up chairs and tents to claim their spots.

Right field can often be described as rowdy. When a Rebel hits a home run, right field bursts with excitement. About 2,000 students can be expected to show up sporting baseball jerseys and smiles on their faces as they congregate in the famous right field.

Students look forward to taking a break from studying to grill out with their friends, be featured on the jumbotron and even have the opportunity to interact with the players. After the players warm up, the center fielder traditionally throws the ball to a student in the outfield to “guard” while the Rebs are at bat, and the student throws the ball back at the conclusion of each inning.

Nine innings at Swayze aren’t complete unless you stop by the concession stand for a hotdog or snow cone. As if it couldn’t get any better, the popular Yoknapa Taco truck is often parked in the outfield where fans line up for mouthwatering tacos and nachos.

The loyal fans, energetic students in right field, food, atmosphere and the players on the field all contribute to Swayze Field being the ultimate destination to watch America’s favorite pastime. Head out to Swayze to cheer on the Rebels. You won’t regret it.

Caroline LeGates is an integrated marketing communications major and University Communications intern at the University of Mississippi.

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