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Residential Housing Association Hosts Celebration to End Academic Year 

By Kendall Patterson


At the end of spring semesterthe University of Mississippi’s Residential Housing Association holds an annual End-of-Year Event/Block Party, which provides a chance for students to celebrate their achievements, reconnect with friends and have fun before finals. 

“The End-of-Year Event that the Residential Housing Association hosts each year is a celebration, said Meredith Sobus, former RHA president and integrated marketing communications (IMC) major. “Most residential students are first years, and the event is the culmination of an intense year of personal and academic growth.”  

The event is organized by RHA, the governing body and voice of residents living on campus in student housing. It is completely organized by the students for the students. This huge event has taken place in April each academic year since 2015-16 in front of the old Kincannon residence hall and brings the on-campus residential community together for a fun time. 

“There’s something for everyone there,” said Lane Killough, RHA president and criminal justice major. 

RHA holds multiple events throughout the year, but this is the one residents remember throughout their college years. Hundreds of students have participated every year. 

“Its fun to watch students bring their friends and eat ice cream or crawfish and hang out at the mechanical bull or the other inflatables they have each year,” Sobus said. 

This year, students will be enjoying chicken-on-a-stick instead of crawfish at the block party, which will be held April 28, 3-6 p.m. 

It is important for freshmen to take advantage of this opportunity to make new friends and end the semester strong, senior psychology major Mary Catherine Russell said.  

“At this event, you can celebrate your accomplishments and look back on all the wonderful memories that Ole Miss has given you, she said. 

The event is a fun way to decompress with friends before going home, added Casey Baril, a senior IMC major 

“The events throughout the year had introduced us all, so it was one last thing to do together.” 


Kendall Patterson is a senior journalism major and an intern in University Marketing and Communications.

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